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Chocolate Angel

Printed on shirt, "Chocolate Angel, God created chocolate and saw that it was good!". CLASSIC FIT (see sizing guide for fit)

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Angels are associated with good, protection, wisdom, and beauty. We have experienced one, if not all, of these traits from a "Sista" (Chocolate Angel) in our life. It may have been when the "Sista" faced down the bullies who taunted her sibling(s). Maybe it was mom, who stopped dad from giving you a beat down when you knew that you deserved one. Or, Aunt Lynn who said, "now you know what goes around comes around" and it stopped you from making a terrible mistake (KARMA). Or, it was your teacher Mrs. Mitchell, who looked oh-so-good, smelled oh-so-good, and my God, walked oh-so-good. The girls wanted to be like her and the boys rushed to school to see her. It is a woman with these qualities that you never forget. And it was God's will to wrap all these qualities in Chocolate! Thank You, God!

6.1 oz 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt. Narrower neck rub, tailored sleeves and a cut for a better ladies fit. Color: Pink, Size S-2XL (see sizing chart).