About Us

Lynischic International is a natural hair care accessory company.  Established in 1979 by Taffy Mayes, the brand strives to deliver exclusive silk hair care products that are upscale and stylish. The 'Little' Silk Hair Cap helps protect hair against cotton pillow cases, scarves and other harsh fabrics, which cause dry, brittle, dull-looking hair.

Each of Lynischic International's silk hair care products, when worn while sleeping, are the epitome of luxury and comfort, each being made with high quality 100% Silk Charmeuse, which is a natural fiber.  A lustrous satin back with timeless wear ability.  Silk is thought of as a protein, similar to the hair and is highly recommended for use, on hair, by experts within the hair care industry.

Therefore, each of Lynischic International's products aim to create healthier hair that is alive, more manageable, and moisture rich.   Hair that is full of bounce and shine.  The brands ability to offer over 20 vibrant jewel-toned colors, in various elegant styles, makes it alluring to a wide female following.

The Lynischic International woman is sophisticated, savvy, and on the move, she loves life as much as she loves having healthy, luxurious, beautiful hair!

The 'Little' Silk Hair Cap has been featured in Shop Talk Magazine, Essence Magazine, and Black Sophisticates Hair Style Guide and contributed to the industry at the World Health and Hair Beauty Show in Atlanta, Georgia.  With vast brand expansion planned for 2015, Lynischic International is a label to watch with an ever expanding celebrity customer base.

  • Taffy Mayes, Lynischic International
  • Taffy Mayes, Lynischic International